Free Consultation with Schroeder Connections

Our services begin with a free consultation

During our initial meeting, we’ll provide you with an overview of how our services are incorporated when building your network. Working with you, we’ll outline the path you need to take for your infrastructure needs and the best companies for you. Both Schroeder Connections and our member companies have decades of experience and the expertise to meet your infrastructure needs – whether it be broadband, fiber optics and network solutions.

We’ll cover:

  • The companies we represent

  • Discuss your needs and desires

  • How the project will move forward


We’ll go into detail about your project specifications, so we can develop a unique and strategic plan of action for you. Whether you need to incorporate all three steps, or simply get connected with one company, we’re ready to help you out and find the best solution for you. Your project will be smoothly managed from conception to completion.

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