Schroeder Connections LLC Rebranding Announcement

March 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce Schroeder Marketing LLC has changed its name to Schroeder Connections LLC!

We’re a one-stop shop for broadband infrastructure deployment. But our name didn’t accurately describe what we do.

To make our mission and services clearer, we decided to rebrand, creating a new website and social media pages to connect with our clients. Additionally, we changed our name to better represent who we are.

Our goal is to help you get connected to the services you need to build your broadband infrastructure. That’s what we focused on when building our website. By rebranding with a new name and website, we’re able to more accurately describe what we do and how we do it. We’re the face of our member companies, linking you to the specific companies that help you accomplish what you want to do.

Nobody else is doing what we do. Our unique services mean you save valuable time and money. There is no need to shop around for a separate consultant, design/engineer, or construction company. We represent all three so you can easily complete your project.

We know the broadband infrastructure industry. With nearly four decades working in the telecommunication field, we noticed a trend. Technology needs for fiber and broadband. We’re working to connect municipalities, telecommunications, rural electric coops, and other entities who are considering building a fiber network and broadband infrastructure.

We invite you to continue to follow our blog, visit us on Facebook, and share with us your feedback.